Upgrades & New Features: July 2019

Since our soft launch in January we've experienced a steady organic growth with UX Triggers. We'll save the granular details and breakdown for an end of the year post, but here are a few highlights:

  1. Featured in Net Magazine's print edition
  2. Utilized in tandem with curriculum for General Assembly
  3. A consistent growth in Monthly Average Users (MAU) to our website without any ad spend 
  4. New free (curator) account sign-ups each week
  5. 100% retention rate for premium accounts

We're proud of the traction UX Triggers has seen organically this year and are actively working toward improving the quality of our platform, collecting additional data points for analysis, and collaborating with educators, enterprises, and agencies to integrate into their workflow. 

This has lead to a few improvements to our platform this year:

Integrated website screenshot tool: This allows premium accounts (starting at $5/month) to type in a website URL and capture either an 'above the fold' desktop image or a mobile image to analyze. 

Expanded file uploads: Premium accounts may now connect to other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, and Instagram to analyze images saving time trying to export images or download them from other services.

Sentiment Rating Charts: Although we've always had sentiment ratings, we've changed the way we display both the demographic ratings and the gender ratings for each report based on your feedback. Now, they are more clear and can easily be screenshot to drop into a slide deck or blog post. To see what they look like now, check out or Market Perception Ratings for Presidential Candidate Websites.

Sorting Uploads within Collections: Many designers were using UX Triggers collections as a moodboarding tool. Collecting images or website screenshots to use in later discussions. The problem was that they couldn't sort the uploads and it required a lot of planning to organize ahead of time. Now, you can add new images and drag them within the collection and it automatically saves for you!

Free 7 Day Pro Trial: We couldn't figure out why people weren't using the promo codes we provided. Turns out, we required a credit card to be input even for a free trial and that's not an easy process for some organizations (or any of them). So we simplified the process. Now anyone can sign up for a free 7 day trial without the need for a credit card.

Free 7 Day Pro Trial - Existing Accounts: After implementing the free trial we quickly realized that it only worked for new accounts. That means anyone that was part of the early release beta program in 2018 or anyone that had signed up for a free Curator account in 2019 couldn't take advantage of the free trial. Our supporters shouldn't be penalized for being an early adopter. Now all accounts that have not used a free trial and do not currently have a Pro level account can take advantage of this. If you're logged in already, you can sign up for a free trial here (if you haven't already used the trial).

Free Trial Onboarding Flow: We've added an onboarding email campaign for free trial users. It's a series of simple emails that give an overview of different parts of UX Triggers over the course of seven days. We've seen great success with this and look to expand it for all accounts in the future.

We've gone on to fix, improve, and scale many smaller features or elements behind the scenes. Your support and continued interest in our effort to bring data-driven sentiment analysis to marketing and design has been astounding.

Have any suggestions for us that would improve the platform for you or your organization? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

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