Test marketing materials and overall strategies to determine if your designs will resonate with your core customers based on age and gender preferences.

We've compiled years worth of research studies and have combined that data with our own findings over the last 10 years worth of competitive analysis reports, user testing sessions, and in-depth research with over 1,000 data points.

The result is a streamlined breakdown of key market details by gender and age within a couple of minutes. Learn how your promotional materials rank with 19-25 year old males or if your banner ad seems trustworthy by 25-35 year old women.

You can do this without spending weeks or months composing outlines and spending thousands of dollars only to find out you have to revise your strategy. Use UX Triggers as the first step before investing more resources.

  • Upload marketing materials to generate reports to share with your team
  • Research industry and competitor demographics
  • Better understand how customers or visitors will feel when experiencing the work with structured color definitions

This feature is included in the Professional account level. See our account options.

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