Edelman Releases Trust Barometer Report

Edelman, a global communications firm, prepared a "Trust Barometer" special report for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. They found that that only one-third of consumers (34 percent) trust most of the brands they buy or use.

The survey of 16,000 people in eight countries reveals that brand trust (81 percent) is a deal breaker or a deciding factor when they’re considering a purchase, trailing only quality (85 percent), convenience (84 percent), value (84 percent) and ingredients (82 percent).

Trust is a strong purchase consideration for the vast majority of respondents across geographies, age groups, gender and income levels. Trust is becoming more important to consumers because of their growing concerns about product experience (62 percent), including the fast pace of innovation and their increasing reliance on brands for automation; customer experience (55 percent), including brands’ collecting consumers’ personal data and tracking and targeting them; and brands’ impact on society (69 percent), including consumers’ expectation that brands will help express their values.

“Trust has always played an important role in brand purchase,” said Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman. “But consumers now have much larger expectations of brands, and their trust is predicated on how well a brand can pass through the three gates of trust—product, customer experience and impact on society.”

Edelman's Trust Rating

Following the release of the report this week UX Triggers ran an image sentiment analysis of Edelman's home page. We found that Edelman's website is considered balanced between trustworthy and untrustworthy. 

Edelman Trust Rating

UX Triggers utilizes hundreds of data points from over 500 participants to generate key marketing sentiment ratings within minutes based on color psychology research. A majority of consumers feel that blue (34 percent) best represents trust in a brand. Edelman's color composition only utilizes blue for 1% of their website branding. Black (48 percent of their website), only represents trust to 4 percent of study participants.

Edelman Trust Color Psychology

The 1 percent of blue that is used is in their logo. Their logo itself is 100 percent blue which establishes trust and softens the strength and harshness of the stark black and white branding of their website. Including more blue in their website's color scheme would further establish trust and pull together their branding elements in a more cohesive way.

Read Edelman's report

2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, In Brands We Trust?

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