Studies have shown that color influences 84.7% of a customer's purchasing decision. Selecting the right color for your industry and customer demographic can make a large impact in sales.

It's not just about selecting a specific color to drive business or evoke emotion, it's about understanding the contrast of other colors in not only a design or composition but also your industry. For example, if you are working on new branding and 90% of your competitors use blue as the core color you may want to stand out by using another color.

Choosing a specific blue amounted to an additional $80 million in annual revenue for Bing source

UX Triggers will help you find those trends and understand the psychology behind different colors to better inform your decisions.

Our adaptive A.I. platform allows you to upload any image and determine top color, color schemes, warm and cold colors, and break down the psychology behind all of it. Even better, you can categorize your upload by industry to compare your results with other images in the system.

  • Upload concepts to generate reports to share with your team
  • Research industry and competitor trends over time
  • Better understand how customers or visitors will feel when experiencing the work with structured color definitions

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