Studies have shown that color influences 84.7% of a customer's purchasing decision. Selecting the right color for your industry and customer demographic can make a large impact in sales.

It's not just about selecting a specific color to drive business or evoke emotion, it's about understanding the contrast of other colors in not only a design or composition but also your industry. For example, if you are working on new branding and 90% of your competitors use blue as the core color you may want to stand out by using another color.

UX Triggers will help you find those trends and understand the psychology behind different colors to better inform your decisions.


Choosing a specific blue amounted to an additional $80 million in annual revenue for Bing1

Validate design decisions with in-depth COLOR PSYCHOLOGY

Our adaptive A.I. platform allows you to upload any image and determine top color, color schemes, warm and cold colors, and break down the psychology behind all of it. Even better, you can categorize your upload by industry to compare your results with other images in the system.

  • Upload concepts to generate reports to share with your team
  • Research industry and competitor trends over time
  • Better understand how customers or visitors will feel when experiencing the work with structured color definitions

The importance of GOLDEN RATIO IN DESIGN

The Golden Ratio, or the Fibonacci Sequence, is a mathemetical formula that describes a perfectly symmetrical relationship between items. It is often called "The Rule of Thirds" and is important to keep in mind for all creatives.

It isn't always consciously implemented in projects, but can be used to gauge how easily our brains can comprehend what we're looking at. The longer it takes someone to understand a design the more negatively they feel towards the brand.


of judgments on website credibility is based on overall aesthetics2

Create an intuitive USER EXPERIENCE

You have 1/10th of a second4 before people form a first impression. If a user's subconsious doesn't immediately understand how to locate key information it erodes the "intuitive" experience we all strive for in UX. This platform helps by overlaying where people will look for information based on behavioral data that has been collected for over 10 years at Candorem.

  • Research layout and navigation expectations to place key elements for improved conversion rates
  • Upload concepts to generate "hot spot" reports to share with your team using principals like the golden rectangle and F-pattern

15,272 projects analyzed during the last beta

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Over 200 million people use Pinterest each month to explore new ideas and save them for later. We've taken that a step further and created a curation system for creatives that not only allows you to save ideas, but also get dynamic design psychology data about those images.

Why simply save ideas when you can better understand them to further inspire, guide, and inform your projects?


people use Pinterest each month to explore ideas and save them for later.3

Save ideas and generate MOODBOARDS

Designers often juggle hundreds of ideas at the start of each project. Stop nesting folders into projects that you never reference again. Our platform allows you to currate those ideas across multiple collections.

  • Break down color psychology and color schemes automatically
  • Share collections with your team or clients for specific projects to guide the design direction
  • Sort public images by industry, top color, or usage to curate your own collections quickly

Analyze competitors with TRENDS & FORECASTING

Our adaptive A.I. platform allows you to upload an image and analyze the color trends by industry or usage tags like "ecommerce" or "book cover" to compare your results with other projects in the platform.

  • Monitor competitor marketing over time to see which emotional trigger they may be leveraging
  • Understand color psychology trends in a specific industry by date range
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